We are proud to serve local Veterinarians and help them achieve the best outcome possible for your patients’. We combine our passion for progress with our knowledge in canine rehabilitation and this approach has been successful for over 15 years in improving dogs’ quality of lives following surgery or dealing with a wide variety of conditions (either orthopaedic or neurological). We regularly treat geriatric cases that have all too frequently been written off due to age.

The Vets we have spoken to said they want:

  • A safe pair of hands for the rehabilitation of their patients’
  • A qualified practitioner to whom they can refer their patients’ for Veterinary Physiotherapy and/or Hydrotherapy or the potential for this to help a case
  • Consistent & positive results
  • A one stop shop for rehab
  • A smooth easy referral system
  • Kept up to date on their patients’ progress
  • Reassurance that, if we become aware of any issues that your patient is referred back to you for investigation

Medical issues – if an owner informs us of a medical issue that we believe you are not/or should be aware of we will refer them back to you. This allows us to focus on our speciality which involves biomechanics, therapeutic modalities, manual therapy, home exercise plans to maximise positive results and leave the medical and surgical aspects to you.

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