“We help people who are worried about their dog’s health and want their dog to lead a 

more active, normal and pain free life!”

In addition to veterinary physiotherapy, we also offer hydrotherapy. Never heard of it? That’s alright – we’re here to tell you all about it. Hydrotherapy, directly translated into “water therapy”, really is what it sounds like: movement rehabilitation without the placement of stress on any of your pet’s injured muscles or joints.


Have you ever just floated in the pool and felt the pain in your lower back dissipate, your muscles relax, and a calm state of mind returning? That’s exactly what this is! The specialized movements, exercises, and training provided by our experts in our state-of-the-art facilities means your dog is at home in the water; he/she soon comes to feel as though being there is second nature, and the excitement, energy, and sheer glee you’ll see in your pet will definitely put a smile on your face.


So, in addition to the great benefits your dog will experience with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy offers the following:


  1. The rehabilitation of injured/immobile/stiff muscles and joints without placing unnecessary stress on them.
  2. Relieves pain by reducing muscle tension.
  3. Increased fitness levels: your dog does monitored resistance training in the water, thereby strengthening his/her body and ensuring that he/she avoids future injuries.
  4. Boost’s your pooch’s immune system!
  5. Increases energy levels: a potent combination of excitement, novelty, and carefully monitored exercises means that your dog starts feeling young, excited, and inquisitive again. To be honest… this is exactly why we love doing this!
  6. Relieves stress. Yup, your dog also suffers from stress, the likelihood of which increases if he/she has been in pain for a long time. Our warm water pools reduce stress and thereby encourage health and healing.


Hydrotherapy is more than a treatment… it’s a way of enhancing the quality of life of your best four-legged friend. With hydrotherapy, you’ll notice a change in your dog really quickly  – his/her zest for life will return, they’ll be brighter, happier and we’ll be surprised if a tear doesn’t form in your own eye.


So, really, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, and yet, you have so much to gain. We’re really excited to hear from you! If you’d like to know more about how hydrotherapy can improve the quality of life of your dog, click the link below, or call us on 01325 353260. We’re just a phone call or click away!


    You’ll notice that not once have we referred to your dog as ‘it’. Why? Because we know he/she isn’t an “it” – they are your family. 

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