We help people who are concerned about their dog’s health and want their dog to lead a more active, mobile and pain free life!”

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Here at Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic, we know that your dog isn’t just a pet, they are family! In fact, we understand that the word ‘family’ has, for you, come to mean many fond memories of your canine companion(s). Memories such as; walks in the park, cuddles on the sofa, playing games, and spending quality time with them. Love for their dog is something all dog-owners share; from laughing at guilty looks peeping out from under the kitchen table, or the daft things they sometimes do. We all know how our dogs bring joy into our lives. That’s why we help those interested in canine hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy. Whether you’re in Darlington, Middlesbrough, Stockton and the surrounding areas we want to help your dog live their best life. A life full of energy, health, fitness, mischief and fun! Veterinary Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can make a significant difference to your dog.


Our team also understands the worry caused by illness, injury, or old-age. These are felt both by you and your dog. After all, when your best friend suffers, you feel largely helpless to relieve their pain. The frustration at seeing it happen is almost as hurtful as the pain itself.


Sound familiar? 


In fact, it is so often the case that the pain our pet feels is our shared suffering: family is family, whether on 2 or 4 legs. And yet – though we may not always admit it – there is another side to the coin: you feel heartbreakingly aware that the walks, the swims, the surprise licks, and the fireside cuddles might slip away. But, here’s the rub… we are sometimes reluctant to admit it, but the truth is that our pets can offer us independence, freedom, and a spirit of adventure that we never want to lose. It is easy to relate to this feeling… we understand what you’re going through.


Things are done a little differently here. Butterwick animal rehab have the distinct privilege of treating some of the most amazing clients in the world, all they want is love, hugs and care. That’s why we have the best job in the world! The bottom line is that we treat your dog like family. Why? Because they are, of course.


As a dog-owner and, more importantly, a dog-lover, we know how difficult decisions about your pet can be to make. That’s why we want to make it easier for you, on your pet, and on your peace-of mind. At the end of the day, we’re proud to say that we can help your dog, and you, by promising a life with less pain, stress, less dependency on high doses of medication, or worse.


Veterinary Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy is for your dog – and you – if: 


  • You’re tired of not knowing what to do– seeing your beloved dog suffer is taking its toll on you and your family and you want answers.

  • You’re not willing to see your dog’s health slip away, allowing their quality of life to continually dwindle.

  • You want to continue doing the activities both you and your dog love.

  • You want to see your dog get back to their happy, active, energetic self. 

  • You value quality time with your dog and know that their wellness relies on their ability to retain a healthy body.



You’ll notice that not once have we referred to your dog as ‘it’. Why? Because we know they aren’t – they are family. And we want you to have complete faith in our commitment to treating your pet as a member of our family, too.


We pride ourselves on being focused on getting your dog back to their former glory.  Whether it’s post surgery rehabilitation, maintaining your pet in old age or just to help lose a few pounds, we’ll work alongside you and your vet to ensure your dog gets the very best care and individual attention they deserve to restore them to peak performance. We are specialists in canine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in the Darlington, Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees along with the wider Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire areas. Whether you call it Canine hydrotherapy or dog swimming or just searching for “dog pools near me” we’ll transform your pet’s quality of life.


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We know how difficult it is to trust someone else when it comes to the health of your dog. It’s just so hard. So, that’s exactly why we also know how important it is for you to ask all the questions you have, find out all the answers you need, and for you and your dog to trust us. So, give us a call to chat to one of our Vet Physio. We’d love to meet you and find out more about how we can help your dog, right now, just click the link below.

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About Butterwick  Animal Rehab Clinic

Nationally known Veterinary Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapist.

Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic was founded by Mark Harding –  one of the UK’s leading Veterinary Physiotherapists & Hydrotherapists, a nationally known Speaker, lecturer and has appeared on BBC’s Look North programme.

Mark has been helping pet owners just like you in the North east of England for nearly two decades. People just like you who are worried about their pet, potential long term dependency on drugs and their pets’ reducing quality of life. We strongly believe that a combined approach with your Vet, you, and us gives your dog the best chance possible of gaining and maintaining their zest for life and keeping them happy and healthy.

Mark Harding had an extraordinary idea in 2004… why not create a safe, healthy, comfortable environment in which to rehabilitate injured, elderly dogs? And even better, why not just make that space about providing the best quality of life for all dogs?  

And so, Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic was born!

Nowadays, with the hydrotherapy side booming because of the amazing community support and interest, Mark soon realised more could be done, more dogs could be helped and more owners could be left feeling hopeful of a happier and healthier future again. His revelation was on account of a particular special woofer, Hector. Having had no feeling below the neck, Hector couldn’t walk following a spinal surgery, and he – as well as his owners – were, understandably, miserable. Mark wanted to do more – for this dog and the countless others he met. His search for something more led him to Veterinary physiotherapy! And without further ado, Mark jumped in and became one of the most sought-after veterinary physiotherapists in the area. If you’re still wondering about Hector – he went back to walks on the beach and having a ball. 

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