“We help people who are worried about their dog’s health and want their dog to lead a more active, normal and pain free life!” 

Physiotherapy for dogs? Absolutely!


Well, the heading pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? If you’ve had problems with your shoulder, legs, back, or even neck, seeing a physiotherapist has probably changed your life. You waved goodbye to painkillers, got back into a fitness routine, and even found some new activities you love. So, why should it be any different for your dog? It just isn’t!


If your dog’s undergone surgery, been injured, or is just getting old and less mobile, physiotherapy is the absolute best choice for you to make.


Not convinced?  Take a look at what veterinary physiotherapy can do for your dog-friend:


Veterinary Physiotherapy:

  1. Treats the root cause of the problem, thereby offering a permanent solution to the pain, not a temporary Band-Aid.
  2. Is non-invasive. No surgery. No fear.
  3. Stops pain. You will no longer have to see your dog suffer.
  4. Reduces restlessness: less pain means better sleep, both for you and your dog.
  5. Increases the mobility of your dog, thereby giving both you and your furry-friend back the opportunity to do the activities you love.
  6. Increases your dog’s energy levels, igniting in him/her a spark that you will not have seen since puppyhood. Think “Eeyore to Tigger” in a few sessions!
  7. Increases fitness levels. Your dog will surprise you by how much further, how much faster, and how much more willing he/she is to run and play.
  8. Gives you the tools to help your dog on his/her healing journey, thereby ensuring that your pet is given a jump-start to health right from home.
  9. Gives you answers. One of our great joys is helping owners get the answers they need in order to put their minds at rest. When you have answers you can understand… you can make the right choices.
  10. Helps you read the signs. It’s not enough to know that your dog is in pain – physiotherapy helps you notice the small, but telling ways your dog is trying to communicate his/her discomfort to you and gives you the things to help them too.


Truthfully, physiotherapy does so much more than just heal your dog’s injuries, immobility, or stiffness.


In reality, it offers your pet – and you – a space in which anxiety and stress is eliminated, thereby giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process. No one wants to see animals anxious, and we really believe that an environment conducive to peace, calm, and trust, ensures that healing takes place successfully. As so many of our patients have mentioned, physiotherapy at Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic ignites in your dog a zest for life, a sparkle in their eyes, and energy levels owners have not seen before. We want this for your dog, too.



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