“About Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic”

“We help people who are worried about their dog’s health and want their dog to lead a

more active, normal and pain free life!” 

A dog at the Butterwick therapy pool


Why We Are Different:


Sometimes it’s tough to know where to turn to when your dog isn’t feeling well. That’s why we created Butterwick Animal Rehabilitation Clinic (BARC). 


How do we do it? Well, being a pet owner – and since you’re here, a dog lover, like us – it’s likely that you’re aware of some of the more worrying options available to you if your pet gets injured or has a condition that affects their mobility. Needless to say, you’ve heard about surgery, injections, amputations, or even an end to it all; and in the face of all that, you turned around and looked for a less scary solution. We don’t blame you!


Being a pet owner sometimes means knowing that your dog cannot explain where the pain is, what the pain is doing, or how he/she is feeling. Sometimes you need someone to unravel the jargon, getting your dog back to normal or to put your mind at ease; this is where  we can help. That uncertainty can be a real worry. As a result of that worry, you might feel some  frustration from feeling unsure about what is the right decision and avoiding making the wrong one. 


A few things we do as routine:


  • Listen to your worries and what you want for your dog

  • Assess your dog and what they need to get better

  • Discuss and agree a plan together so your happy

  • Constantly monitor your dog’s progress to keep them improving

  • Speak to your vet to make sure it’s right & safe for your dog

  • Help you with completing any insurance paperwork



When all is said and done, your dog needs you to be his/her voice. The great news is that with all the years of experience we have, we have seen a lot of dogs with a wide variety of problems and that your dog is crying out for a better life. And, even better… we’re listening and we can help your dog get back to a happier healthier life. 


So, there you have it. You’ll notice that not once have we referred to your dog as ‘it’. Why? Because we know they aren’t – they are family. And we want you to have complete faith in our commitment to treating your pet as a member of our family, too. 

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If you want to know more about how we can help, why not give us a call? Or, just click one the links below! We’re always exited to hear from you, and we cannot wait to give you the answers and results you both need. From all of us here at Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic, we wish both you and your dog wellness, happiness, and joy, and we look forward to seeing both of you soon!

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We know you want the best of the best for your dog, and we also know you’re a busy person. If you want to get your dog back to being happier, healthier and doing what you both love and want to get booked in  – click on the  link below and fill out the short form for information about getting booked in and availability.

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Not sure? No problem! Why not bring your dog in for a free, non-obligatory session in which we see what’s wrong, what can be done so you have all the information you need and start getting both you and your dog feeling more optimistic about the future? We mean it – no fees, no obligation, nothing: all we want is to meet you and to say ‘hi’ to your best friend. Click the link below to get booked in, now.

Talk to a Vet Physiotherapist

We know how difficult it is to trust someone else when it comes to the health of your dog. It’s just so hard. So, that’s exactly why we also know how important it is for you to ask all the questions you have, find out all the answers you need, and for you and your dog to trust us. So, give us a call to chat to one of our Vet Physio. We’d love to meet you and find out more about how we can help your dog, right now, just click the link below.

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