Monthly Round Up of Stars

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Uncategorized

This month we have collected all of our pupstars for a monthly round up! We think that every four legged visitor here at the clinic is a superstar but here we share some fantastic progress journeys and highlights which both us and dog owners have been able to see throughout October.

Time to celebrate LOTS of improvement and progress with all of the the cute woofers below! ⭐

Meet Vinnie!  🤩  After suffering with a torn ligament and unable to use all fours like he once use to, we are working with dad & family to get Vinnie back up and about! And of course back to happily running around! 🐶🥰

We have seen such great progress this month and we are all so happy to see he’s started using that leg again!! Vinnie was moving on to using the treadmill this month for the first time in his treatment plan and we can’t wait to see how he gets on!

We suspect he’s going to be well on his way to being his happy self again! We look forward to seeing Vinnie takes to the treadmill for the first time, you’ve been working so hard in the pool so well done Vinnie, you’re doing amazing!


Meet Lola! 🥰  She is a happy little but active Jack Russel who loves the pool! 💦

Lola has been visiting the clinic for Hydro and Physiotherapy after damaging tendons around her shoulder joint… We worked with Lola and Mum with an aim to get Lola back out on walks and enjoying off lead walks in the woods 🐾

After Lola’s much loved pool sessions & regular Physio exercises, she was able to manage her first 3 mile walk since she beginning treatment with us here at Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic! It’s such FANTASTIC news!! 🙌  and we think that there will be lots more managed woodland walks for Lola and mum coming up! Keep up the good work girl! 

Meet Luna! 😍 Luna is a 7 year old German Shepherd and she’s been visiting the clinic to help with her management of hip dysplasia. We have recently seen some amazing improvement alongside her hydrotherapy treatment here in clinic.
Luna is much more confident and we have all noticed how relaxed she is throughout her hydro sessions and appointments which is fantastic as when Luna first started visiting she was very nervous, however, she now enjoys her appointments with both Amy and Claire which is amazing to see! It’s also been great to hear mum thinks the same and can see how much Luna adores her hydro sessions and seeing the team (and the treats!🙊)
Meet Kobi! 😍 Kobi is a beautiful Doberman, he’s almost 7 years old he has recently started visiting the clinic for both Physio and Hydrotherapy. After having cruciate ligament injuries previously, he is a little wobbly and unsteady on lead walks. Mum’s aim was to get Kobi back out able able to happily walk 100 metres again! We have been so pleased to hear he has managed this and more than once! After a few sessions we have received fantastic messages and videos from mum noticing an improvement and of course a happier Kobi.
We will continue to help rebuilding muscle in both back legs which will improve his overall quality of life – Really good work Kobi 💪


If you want to help your dog improve as much as these super stars are, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call, text or what’s app us anytime on 07741651000